Steve Bannon returns to Breitbart after being sacked by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump dismissed Friday that his strategy chief, Steve Bannon, in the latest move of the White House, by eliminating a right-wing architect from his electoral victory in 2016 and a driving force behind his nationalist and anti-globalization agenda .The Bannon fire, a year and a day after the triumph hired him as a campaign manager, has put an abrupt end to the policy of provoking a tumultuous population regime into a White House riveting rivalries and strokes knife during which he faced With more moderate factions.

He played a key role in some of Trump’s most controversial political movements, including banning people from Muslim-majority countries, abandoning the Paris climate deal, ripping out international trade agreements and fighting illegal immigration. He was not a friend of the Republican political class and was detestable by the liberals, but he was a favorite of conservative supporters of the hard-line president.

White House officials said that Trump said new Chief of Staff John Kelly suppressed internal fights and fights and that Bannon’s fate was sealed by comments published Wednesday in the US magazine Prospect in which he spoke to point his opponents Within the administration .Trump, seven months after his presidency, became increasingly isolated for his comments following the violence of white supremacy in the university city of Charlottesville Virginia on Saturday and his attacks on Republicans.

Some Republicans had even begun to question Trump’s ability to govern. As Trump was burned by Republicans, including two former presidents and business leaders and US allies abroad, he faced further calls to leave Bannon. Critics had accused Bannon of anti-Semitic and white nationalistic sentiments. “White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon agreed that it would be Steve’s last day,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Bannon returned to his position as Breitbart’s right-wing chief executive on Friday afternoon, the site said. Prior to joining the Trump campaign, he led the transition from the Breitbart forum to “alt-right,” a free online confederation of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and antisemites.Bannon said his departure from The White House marks a major change for Trump’s agenda.

“The Trump presidency we fought and won is over,” Bannon told the conservative Weekly Standard. “I think their ability to do something, especially the most important things, like the wall, bigger and wider things, that we have fought, is going to be very difficult,” Bannon said. He said he would use Breitbart to attack opponents of the populist and nationalist agenda he championed, including the settlement Republicans.

“I will definitely crush the opposition,” Bannon said. It became the last key to a white house. Suddenly Trump has been chaotic since his early days and has already lost a chief of staff, a national security adviser, two communications directors and a support spokesperson. The Tony Presidency has also been haunted by ongoing investigations in Congress and a special prosecutor appointed by the Department of Justice in the potential collusion between his presidential campaign and Russia, something Trump and Moscow deny.

Bannon, 63, is a former US Navy officer, investment banker Goldman Sachs and Hollywood film producer. He had already occupied a precarious position, but Trump has chosen to remain, partly because he had played a major role in the electoral victory in November 2016 Trump Over Democrat Hillary Clinton and with the support of many of the followers Most loyal of the president. The Democrats applauded Bannon’s departure.

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