SpaceX aborts the launch of Falcon 9 on Sunday; Launches on Monday

SpaceX aborts the launch of Falcon 9 on Sunday; Launches on Monday

SpaceX, the US manufacturer of the aerospace industry, did a great job re-using rockets. They continue to launch satellites, one after another, and then to pick up the left of the rocket, and they manage to reuse.

In the words of the CEO of SpaceX, this re-use of the rocket has certainly reduced the usual cost of space launches.

There have been several launches planned in the past few days, and things will continue to be successful. To mark its third launch into space in less than ten days, SpaceX has scheduled a launch of a rocket yesterday.

This launch is expected to provide 35 Intelsat, a commercial communications satellite in space.

SpaceX cancels launch of Falcon 9 Sunday
SpaceX cancels launch of Falcon 9 Sunday
The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket was scheduled for Sunday, July 2, 2017.

But then I was aborted. The mission abortion was declared when there was 10 seconds for the rocket décollât. It is a computer switch. The team left SpaceX because there were things “out of bounds”.

John Insprucker, chief integration engineer for Falcon 9, said: “This is a computer switch that occurred in the T-10 seconds when you examine the status of the guided flight computer system that supports it.

It seems that something is out of bounds, the team left the countdown before entering the engine start sequence. ”

He added, “Unfortunately, we can not recycle the countdown time we have left in the window and make another attempt today.”

The rocket will not return to the base after the launch as the previous few SpaceX rocket. The cause of abandoning the payload of the rocket you have.

This is one of the heaviest satellites SpaceX ever made. 35a Intelsat weighs more than 14,906 lbs The satellite was built by Boeing and is based on the SRS-702MP satellite bus.

Rocket travel in about 23,000 miles of land to hit space and satellite location that has a life of at least the next 15 years.

Rocket launches on Monday:

SpaceX had already programmed a second window to launch the rocket. This is scheduled for 19:37 EDT (16:37 PDT) Monday, July 3, 2017.

Weather forecasts gave a favorable 60% time for the launch of the rocket Monday.

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