Rajnath Singh says issues of Kashmir problem, terrorism, Naxalism will be resolved by 2022

Lucknow: The union minister said Rajnath Singh on Friday that by 2022 we would find a solution to the problem of Kashmir and other problems such as terrorism, and the insurgency Northeast Naxalism.

“There are a lot of problems – .. Terrorism, naxalism, Kashmir problem should not say many of these problems, but I can assure you that by the year 2022, we are committed to the creation of a” new India “.. So a solution can be found to these problems 2022. we want to assure the compatriots of it, “he said.

Singh was running a program titled Sankalp Siddhi – New Indian Movement (2017-2022) Naye Bharat KAA Nirmaan.

From time to time, his takeover of the demonstration so that India “SWACHH” (clean), without poverty, without corruption, without terror, without communism without castes.

“If people could have (Quit India) carried out in 1942 and gained freedom in 1947, why is it that even after 70 years of independence, India is not as independent as it would be?

“I commend Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the commitment to create a” new India “before the country 75 years of freedom,” he said.

He said that Mahatma Gandhi understood the importance of cleanliness and had campaigned, but it is Modi who gave it as a mass movement.

“For 85 long years after the First War of Independence in 1857, India understood the power of the country and continued to assemble it.

“In 1942, the entire nation joined the Mahatma Gandhi said that” the British must leave India “and gave the clear call of” life or death “… This is the result of that promise, which carried fruits five Years later, “Singh said. .

He said that if in five years after the launch of the stationary movement of India, India could achieve independence, “why can not we make a” new India “after taking its promise in 2017 and reach in 2022?

He said the Pandavs had also won the Mahabharata because of their commitment and resolve.

“This (New India) is an India where there will be no poverty or illiteracy, every person will have a home, no one will die from the shortage of medicines.” On the world stage, India emerges as a powerful nation.

Speaking of corruption, the interior minister said: “At the first meeting of the EU cabinet we committed ourselves to fighting corruption. Our commitment was to change power and the system.”

Referring to the GST, which was released on July 1, said: “Many of our friends have problems, but after a few months, everyone foutront GST We passed the GST with the promise.” A Nation and a Tax “.

Singh said BJP is not involved in the formation of political government, “but in the construction and development of the nation.”

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