Live: It’s the desire of the House that Mayawati take back her resignation: RS Deputy Chairman

 Live: It’s the desire of the House that Mayawati take back her resignation: RS Deputy Chairman

Lok Sobha discusses the Indian Institute of Information Technology (PPP) bill in 2017.

The third day of the monsoon session of the Parliament held a brief discussion on the agrarian crisis and the recent murder and violence in the name of protecting cows.

Lok Sabha was postponed until 12 hours after members of Congress have tried to discuss suspension issues in Question Time. They continued with slogans when the President rejected his request.

Rajya Sabha also witnessed a brief recess. But unlike Tuesday’s session, which has been removed, progress is being made on Wednesday’s list of cases.

In addition to the discussion, a number of pending bills since Tuesday should also be discussed.

Live Updates
17:30: Mr. Misracontinues totally ignoring the interventions of the president, apparently annoying in yesterday’s incident, which led to Mayawati’s resignation. And the president is trying to explain his position “to make the right case.” “I get the LOP to enable Mayawati,” says Kurien. In response to the presidency, Mr Misra argues banks do not treasure Treasury for not allowing him to speak and the president said that it is a communication problem and “if you invite the house, she asks you to reconsider your resignation. “M. Azad said in the tape,” we ask you to reconsider the resignation. ”

The President said, “Misra ji through you, we are told that this is the will of the House to reconsider its decision,” adding that the Minister also agreed to examine M. Naqvi. For this, M. Naqvi gives a noncommittal answer, saying that it is for the party.

17:20 Mr. Tirkeyof BJD says that India’s position is very low in terms of religious intolerance. SC Mishra’s review, “AAP Maarat” BSP, which refers to the Uña slaughter, emanates from the opposition Treasury, which M. Misra replied: “By you, I mean your organizations murder.

“These people, wherever they are in government, create a class war, a caste war and war between religions. Making them fight each other, what do they want to establish?” He said and why the party leader left the Rajya He knows that the ruling party did not allow him to speak.

04:48 p.m.: QuandDilip Tirkey was called to speak, member of AIADMK, Vijila Sathyananth says vocally traded with Mr. Yechury. Supported by M. Azad, he won his turn. She began her speech to pay obedience to “Guardian Angel Puratchi Thalavi Amma (Minister Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa) and Pattinathar Quotations.

To conclude, search for a “working group on human disasters” to combat the cow and lynchings.

4:45 pm: Derek O’Brienof, of the Trinamool Congress, means to the prime minister that the empty words and generic phrases do not work to contain the vigilantismo cow. He added that vigilantism of the cow is a good term and must be cow terrorism. The dominant narrative is that the poor lose and maintain that the BJP is very innovative in false information.

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