Clearing the CDS Exam is easy with these simple tactics suggested by CDS Aspirants

I consider you are new in this article ….

You have two options …


Cakewalk is the OTA paper .. I know it’s not easy, but trust me if you have a serious interest in joining the defense forces, it’s just a cake ride … ..

For OTA, you have two roles as mentioned in the previous answer for my friends. The two compounds 100 each.

English first … not difficult to trust me If you read books in English it is easy for you … recommend books … Well, in my opinion, all the grammar book concepts to refresh your English spirit that we can speak easily, but it is difficult to detect mistakes one by helping you.

And if you have money in your pocket, you can go for SP Bakshi, Lucent, Arihant a book, but do not buy a second time hand can be useful too.

Vocab.- power word provided by norman lewis. The practical book not only look at the words Creek 3-5 all the words on the back of this book.

Second GK- I love this part because UPSC is changing this model document continuously. 2016-1 trying no questions about the military exercises is the first time I saw it that there is no question about the military exercises.

As Mrunal’s static questions Sir said change … .Pasarme know that there are many fans of Lord Mrunal and believe me, I am one of them.

So yes … UPSC examines political science and budding geography these days. In short part of the story, it is great that can be done later, but do the first political science … .5-7 question the last time.

Then Geography then science.

Cramps No scientific books … .just documents last year’s view and only look for ask without basis points doctoral thesis read so quickly especially questions of chemistry and biology can be seen from these two as compare to physical. Until I know.

Do not go to the current reading me is more Indian confidence. On the contrary, I suggest you read PD, CSR, etc., if you have money in your pocket, but guys like me … .. online can be freely downloaded from many magazines, so why should I Spend my money! Just my thoughts ….

Cakewalk because the boss who needs only 95 points in these two roles … ..this is the ceiling I considered it is lower than that, but make sure they do not deserve …. Make your own cup 90+

Battlefield if someone needs it, let me know by commenting.

All my sources, I add if anyone needs it, let me know.

And believe me, are not utilities so they do not create a hype. Of course, you can read NCERT, but I ask you to read Lucent GK first. With respect to CDS-2017-18 notice just left.

Gk Lucent will save your precious time.

Hope you find it helpful !!

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